Stanfield competes in final round of the Omaha City Championship Art Battle


Courtesy of Amia Stanfield  


Stanfield originally went to the competition as an audience member. To her surprise, she was going to be one of the competitors. Stanfield was entered into the second competition after one of the original competitors didn’t show up. The contestants were given 20 minutes to create a painting.  


Stanfield says, “My mom told me to close my eyes and think of the first thing that comes to me.”  

Amia Stanfields painting sold for $185


By the end of the second round, Stanfield created a painting that was bid for $189. Moving onto the final round, the competition was getting serious. The winning prize was a trip to Florida.  


“I wasn’t really worried about winning, I was just painting to paint,” Stanfield said.  


Even though she didn’t win the final round, Stanfield was grateful to be apart of the competition. The next round is on March 18th, and Stanfield plans to be there.