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The Last Dinner Party’s debut album was a five-star meal


With their recent fame, The Last Dinner Party, a British indie pop all female band, has been at the top of my personal charts in recent months. I was enthralled with their eclectic style when I first heard their hit single “Nothing Matters.” This 2023 release boomed on TikTok, being described as “an ugly dancing song” and “a girl’s favorite song” by users.  

“Prelude to Ecstasy,” The Last Dinner Party’s debut album, was beyond my expectations. Every song had a different vibe, tone, and style to them. My personal favorites include the ever famous “Nothing Matters,” “Sinner,” “My Lady of Mercy,” and “Caesar on a TV Screen.”  

“Nothing Matters” is one of the best songs I have ever heard from a debut band. It is so fun and all around an extraordinary song to sing and dance to. This song explores the complexities of a purely physical relationship. n this song, the narrator desires a deeper connection with her lover, but she resorts to loving them like “nothing matters.” 

Immediately after discovering this song on TikTok, I went to Spotify and searched for the band. I found three other released singles and the incredible news that a new album was being released in just a few days.  

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My first listen consisted of head nods, gasps, and quite a few jaw drops. This album is uniquely artistic and creatively made. I love how you can hear a plethora of instrumentals, like chimes, orchestral additions, and beautiful piano pieces, but that doesn’t take away from the magnificent voice of Abigail Morris. Morris effortlessly hits every note, and easily tells a story with so much emotion in every song. 

Her vocals are very impressive in one of my favorite songs on the album, “My Lady of Mercy.” During the bridge, a series of riffs occurs that emphasize Morris’ talent, then as she transitions into the chorus again, I was simply blown away.  

Besides “My Lady of Mercy,” a few other songs stood out to me. These include “Sinner,” “On Your Side,” and “The Feminine Urge.” 

“Sinner” is basically a tale about lust and wishing you had met someone at a younger age, when you would care more about mental attraction rather than physical attraction. I love the unique start, a staccato piano, and how it transitions into a catchy chorus with a fun and upbeat vibe. 

“On Your Side” is a beautiful ballad about loving someone so much to the point of self-destruction. It’s sort of ominous, especially towards the end. The slower speed of the song is different than most of the album, and it’s a nice change. I appreciate the ups and downs of the tempo, and how the one song sounds like multiple songs mashed into one. That aspect sets this song apart from others like it. 

“The Feminine Urge” is a comment on modern femininity and the idea of having to “perform” for others. I liked the overall theme and think the lyrics were intensely beautiful, describing a feeling most women know all too well. It’s a very enjoyable song music wise but listening to the lyrics makes my feminist self a little sad. “Here comes the feminine urge, I know it so well. To nurture the wounds my mother held,” was my overall favorite line from the song. 

I am so impressed with this debut album, and I think it’s very hard to grasp an audience as well as The Last Dinner Party has. They quickly developed a fandom, and I will happily join it. This album is a modern masterpiece, and I easily give it a 5 out of 5 stars. 

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