Powerlifting premiers as Westview’s first lifting club

In the weight room, you can hear music playing and weights clattering as kids lift and hype each other up. This is where powerlifting club takes place, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:45.  


“Powerlifting club is all about lifting heavy weights, perfecting our technique, getting strong, and having fun,” said Mrs. Kuhn, the club’s sponsor. The club enjoys back and chest workouts the most. 


This is her first time in a traditional building and sponsoring a club/sport since she worked at an alternative educational setting. 


“I have competed in powerlifting and strongman competitions throughout my life. I’m currently a Level 1 Cross-fit instructor where I teach athletes Olympic lifts,” Kuhn said. 


One reason she began powerlifting was because she lived in a small town, and it was something to do. 


Some responsibilities. Kuhn has as a sponsor is organizing practices, writing workouts, sign up for meets, and teaching the club good form and technique.  


“We have an awesome group of lifters. They make sponsoring powerlifting a fun gig for me,” Kuhn said. 


The club has made huge strides of progress. Members improve there personal records weekly.  


“It’s fun to watch them get strong,” said Kuhn.  


They do a lot of time under tension in their strength program, meaning they’re sore often, but they’re also optimizing muscle growth and strength.  


“I’m looking forward to our club growing in the future. I am also hoping we can host our own meet in the future,” said Kuhn.