Jaiden Coltrane protects the team

It’s game day. Jaiden Coltrane, 10, eats his half pound of beef jerky, and he’s ready. 

 After school Coltrane gets a snack, gets his bearings together, and heads to the bus. 

He listens to motivational videos by Motiversity on the bus to get himself prepared. Right before the game as they walk out into the blinding lights, he plays “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill. 

Coltrane, plays left guard for the Westview football team. 

 Coltrane started football in 4th grade with very little experience in sports.  

Coltrane said that his favorite part about the football at Westview is the “brotherhood” that it provides.  

He added that the Westview team is surprising, because of the good coaches and the passion that the players and coaches have for the team.  

Coltrane does not find the juniors and seniors to be intimidating to play against, and is fully willing to put in all his effort against them.