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Tayvis is our Superbowl

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship sparks a feud through football fans and Swifties.

Ever since we could remember we have loved Taylor Swift. Whether we were little girls dancing around our bedroom, or teenagers blasting her newest breakup song in our car. While we grew up with Taylor Swift, we also grew up watching Monday night football on the couch with our dads.

 The best of both memories came together when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce sparked dating rumors early last summer.

For us big “Swifties,” seeing Taylor on our screens more than we usually do is extremely exciting. For a celebrity who is commonly seen out of the public spotlight her recent heavy media presence has been fun to be a part of.

Watching this new romance unfold from the very beginning has been thrilling. “Swifties” have had so much fun watching and dissecting each published interaction, or social media post.

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Our favorite moment was after the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship after winning to the Baltimore Ravens. It was truly intoxicating getting to see their love for each other. We spent the whole night scrolling through video after video, dissecting the words on their lips, rewatching each angle from the night and being sincerely in awe of the love that they clearly have for each other.

However, not every person agrees with our take on this relationship. This love has seemed to affect not only many football fans, but the Taylor Swift haters themselves (not us). Earning themselves that cliche by continual complaints about the five seconds of screen time that Taylor unknowingly gets each Chiefs game.

Although, what many do not know is that Taylor has greatly increased the publicity and social knowledge of the Kansas City Chiefs and football across the board. According to CBS News, ticket sales have gone up immensely at a rate of 175% (CBS NEWS) since Taylor Swift made her first appearance at a home game against the Chicago Bears. The Chiefs also gained 300,000 Instagram followers overnight, saw a 400% increase of merchandize sales and an overall spike in interest in both their team and the NFL.

Not only has Taylor helped increase the game views, but she has also added to the viewership of Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce’s podcast, “New Heights.”

After seeing these statistics, we agree that Taylor has only positively impacted the NFL and Kansas City Chiefs franchise. Not only has she increased publicity, but she has also brought new fans to the NFL. She has inspired women and girls of all ages, from teenagers throwing Super-bowl parties, to little girls watching a game with their dads.

Many fathers have contributed to this topic, stating that it gives them quality time with their daughters, and allows them to have an interest that they can both share . (People)

Male football fans have expressed their disapproval of the screen time Taylor Swift gets at each Kansas City Chiefs game. However, she really only gets about 0.47% of screen time at each game. (New York Times) Which leaves 99.53% of screen time for the live game, the other fans, and the announcers.

Another fact to consider is the people who choose to show Taylor and her reaction to the game and any play Travis Kelce makes.

They are all men.

So, to the dads, Chads and the Brads you’ve been betrayed by your own kind. And no matter how much you hate on her screen time, they will continue to show her at games because they are aware of the publicity it is doing.

Swifties have had a field day finding all the pieces to the invisible strings tying Travis to Taylor. Connecting Taylor and Travis to key career points between to two. Such as, her lyric in the song Daylight, “I once believed love would be (Burning red), But it’s golden.” Entertaining the fact that the Chiefs have team colors of red and gold.

One main thing that fans have seen is the mathematics behind Taylor and Travis. Kelce sports the number 87 on his football jersey and Swifts favorite and lucky number is 13. Doing quick math we can find that this adds to 100. Fans have taken this fact that Taylor and Travis are 100%, some even going as far as this eluding to them getting married.

Additionally, in Taylor Swifts song, Mary’s Song, she sings “You be 87 I’ll be 89”. 87 being Travis’ number.

Some other easter eggs that us Swifties have gathered relate to her song, The Archer” and End Game. In the song “The Archer,Taylor is commonly seen using her arms to create an archer type of stance while performing the song, and similarly Travis shoots a bow and arrow after he scores a touchdown. These things happened before they entered a relationship, but just another coincidence fans saw.

In the song “End Game,she has lyrics such as: “I wanna be your endgame, I wanna be your first string, I wanna be your A-Team.” As well as “Big reputation, big reputation, Ooh, you and me, we got big reputations, ah , And you heard about me, ooh, I got some big enemies (yeah), Big reputation, big reputation, Ooh, you and me, we’d be a big conversation, ah, And I heard about you, ooh (yeah).”

Fans have connected this to both their remarkable reputations. Taylor being one of the most well-known music artist and Kelce as one of the greatest tight-ends in NFL history.

Swifties believe that all these things aren’t just coincidences, but evidence as to how perfect the two are together.

Not only does their relationship tie into Taylor’s music, but the Kansas City Chiefs have used Swift’s music to market their own team, by posting TikTok’s, and creating Instagram posts to multiple of Taylor’s songs.

With Superbowl LVIII that was on Sunday 11, 2024 many NFL fans were basing who they were rooting for based on their opinions of Taylor and Travis.

For us we would be rooting for the Chiefs no matter what, our families have been Chiefs fans and not only is making it to the Superbowl a great accomplishment, but we watched the game together, rooting for Kelce especially, and the rest of the Chiefs as well.

But many people don’t share that same view. Due to the relationship, many fans were rooting for the San Francisco 49’ners to win merely because they were sick of seeing the two featured constantly on news.

Overall, Travis is supported and embraced by the Swifties, and Taylor is getting an immense amount of hate for supporting her boyfriend and getting 0.47% of screen time. We think this is excessive and unfair. The two of them are each boosting the others’ career, and neither of them are doing harm to either of their respective fields.

We hope to continue seeing them support each other, and we will constantly be checking Instagram for cute date nights, or fun pictures of the couple together.

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