Garmong shares what its like being apart of the Softball team

Emma Garmong, 9th grade, gets in the line with her teammates, starting the team pre game ritual. She high fives her teammates in another line. They all rush onto the outfield, have a small pep talk, then huddle up. 

They begin chanting, and end it with one final yell, “Wolverines.”  

They are now ready for the game to begin. 

Garmong is a catcher for the Westview softball team. She has been playing softball since she was three years old and began playing because her dad played baseball. 

“My favorite moment in a softball game is when one of us gets a hit. It’s contagious so then we all start doing really good,” she said. “It’s also good just knowing that the team is there for each other.”  

The best thing Garmong has learned so far is not letting her mistakes drag her down and that creating a bond with everyone is important. She wants to improve on her hitting and getting to know the sport more, like being smarter on plays. 

“Our body language can bring the team down. We should support each other more,” Garmong said.  

She thinks being a part of the first Westview softball team is crazy and fun.  

“I would like to make an impact by starting something and having people build off of it as new generations come into Westview,” Garmong said.