Westview Baseball Prepares in the Fall

October 11th, 2022 at WESTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL: Mitchell Piatt, a player on Westview’s Fall Baseball team shares his journey with Westview’s first fall ball team.

Mitchell Piatt runs home to bump up the score for the Westview Wolverines. The Wolverines ended this season with a record of 2-7-1.

            Piatt has been playing baseball since he was four years old, but he started playing select ball when he was seven. He has loved the sport ever since.

“Baseball is my favorite sport because I am so comfortable playing it and I know so much about it,” said Piatt.

            Westview has three coaches and 16 players. During fall ball the spring season head coach cannot coach per NSAA rules. Currently Chad Cerveny and Dan Mobley both from Burke are coaching the boys.

            So far this season, the baseball team is one and seven with one win and seven losses. The Westview Fall Ball team has improved majorly since they started their baseball journey. The fall ball boys have improved with their batting, with more players get on base every single game.

      Piatt mainly plays short stop, center field, and pitcher but he has had experience at all positions in his past years.

   “I like fielding more than batting because you get more than one opportunity to make a play, hitting just gets you one,” said Piatt.

   Piatt’s favorite thing about Westview baseball so far is getting to know the coaches and players. He also enjoys seeing what is to come in the spring.

   Robert Hodges, Westview’s Spring Head Coach, was asked how fall ball helps the boys prepare for the spring season.

  “It allows the guys to get to know each other and allows them to play positions they may not typically play. It builds team unity and shows us as a staff who wants to improve,” said Hodges.