Westview high school hosts first ever Arbor Day race


Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska City on April 10th, 1872. This year, Westview High School will be holding a run and walk on Arbor Day.  

Organized by cross-country coaches Mrs. Malcolm and Dr. Arens, the Westview Arbor Day 5k/10k is a fundraiser event designed to benefit Westview’s pathways and cross-country program.  

“I wanted to make sure we also involved students and gave them to opportunity to participate and have a voice in something like this.” Arens, CCAP (College and Career Academies and Pathways) director, said. 

What originally started out as an idea to raise money for cross-country turned into something much bigger.  

Partnering with many programs, such as OPPD, the University of Nebraska Omaha College of Sports Medicine and Biomechanics, and Makovicka Physical Therapy, the Arbor Day run has brought forth many walkers, joggers, and nature lovers. 

As well as raising money, one of the main goals for this event is to educate and involve Westview’s pathways. 

“It allows us to involve our health pathway and our sustainability pathway,” said Dr Arens. 

Medical Terminology students in the health science pathway at Westview will be able to help at the kinesiology tent, which will include stretching and prepping runners, getting ice, first aid and more. Students will also be able to help get drinks and food and help when needed. 

“There are lots of ways to help out, there are lots of ways to get involved,” said health pathway teacher Mrs. Malcolm. 

Students will have the opportunity to track aerobic and anaerobic data. This hands-on experience correlates directly with the knowledge students have gained in the Foundations of Healthcare class. 

Involving students is one of the most unique parts of the Arbor Day 5k/10k. 

“There are a lot of runs that happen in the spring and fall time, so finding a way to stand out among all of those going on, I think is really important,” Arens said. 

Each registrant will get a bag with a race shirt, seed packets, and a tree sapling provided by the Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District and the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Adding on, winners of the races will be able to plant a tree at Westview High School. 

Beginning at 9:00 am on Saturday, April 30th, the Westview Arbor Day run and walk is being hosted at Lake Flanagan off 168th and Fort Street. Parking at Westview is encouraged since the lot of Lake Flanagan is small. Free shuttle busing from Westview to the Lake will be provided.  

“I want the 5k/10k to become a tradition at Westview. We want it to keep growing every year,” said Malcolm, who encourages everyone to join the race.